Own your commute
Unicorn is the only personal electric scooter that includes free repairs and replacements.
Designed for commuters
This scooter is designed for the urban commuter—easily carried on the bus, train or subway and convenient security for quick stops.
Top speed 15 MPH
Range 15 miles
28 lbs and folds in one second
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Free Repairs & Replacement
Every Unicorn scooter comes with 3 months of UnicornCare—because we know life happens.
Free on-demand repairs and maintenance
Replacement if lost or stolen ($49 deductible)
Real time tracking with LTE and GPS
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Powerful App
Unicorn's best-in-class app unlocks functionality not available on any other electric scooter
Proximity locking and unlocking
Locate your Unicorn on a map
Receive disturbance notifications
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Save Money
Stop watching the dollars tick away on shared dockless scooters and get your own personal Unicorn for less than $2 a day.
Cheaper than scooter rentals, parking or public transit
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Frequently Asked Questions
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1 Year limited Warranty - See details
The frequency you’ll need to charge your Unicorn depends on how often and how far you ride. Most riders plug their Unicorn in overnight or at their desk at work, so it’s always ready to go. The battery will last 15 miles between charges. It’s easy to plug in anywhere and only takes 3 hours to fully charge up!
Electric scooters require little maintenance. However, taking preventative measures can prolong the life of your Unicorn and keep it running smoothly.
The Unicorn features a high-performance, long lasting lithium-ion battery, but there are steps you can take to maximize the life cycle of your battery.
1. Avoid letting your battery die completely and avoid overcharging – the battery will have a longer lifespan if you keep it charged up to about 90%
2. Environmental factors effect the life of the battery. Your battery will stay healthiest when avoiding prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures
3. Use only the charger provided by Unicorn or an official replacement. Using chargers designed for other batteries can lead to improper charging, causing damage to your scooter
Just like the brakes on a car, your scooter’s brakes can experience wear and tear over time. Paying attention to any changes in braking and getting them replaced when needed will keep your scooter running smoothly – and more importantly, will keep you safe!
The tires are a soft solid that resists punctures. No flats! However, check your tread regularly and get the tires replaced when necessary.
Your Unicorn will live a long, happy life following these steps. And with our added UnicornCare, you’ll get free repairs and maintenance, GPS tracking and a replacement (with deductible) for a low monthly fee.
Braking: Unicorn has a regenerative front and rear fender brake that can stop as quickly as you would safely want it to – you never know when you’ll have to make a quick stop and Unicorn keeps you covered.

Lighting: The scooter also has LED headlights and brake lights for safe night riding along with under chassis customizable LED lights.
Riders in excess of 220 lbs will experience reduced performance in both range and top speed.
No, the tires are a soft solid that can’t be punctured. You’ll never have to worry about getting a flat!
UnicornCare is an additional stress-reducing service that costs $30/month. UnicornCare is designed to relieve you of any stressors related to your Unicorn commute.

UnicornCare Subscription Covers the following:
Unlimited Warranty & Free repairs - if your Unicorn breaks, we’ll fix it. Simply let us know through the app and we’ll either send a repair person to you, find a place for you to drop it off, or have it sent back to us. In any case, we’ll do our best to make it easy and fast. And, you’ll never pay anything.
Loss replacement - if your scooter goes missing we will replace it with a brand new one for $49.
Disturbance notifications - you’ll receive push notifications anytime your Unicorn is bumped or moved.
Real-time GPS tracking - your Unicorn will send real-time tracking information so that you can always see where your Unicorn is on the map in the Unicorn app.
Endless returns - Return your working Unicorn at anytime to us. You’ll be refunded your original payment minus $50/month that the Scooter was owned. If you pre-purchased UnicornCare, you’ll receive a refund for the remaining number of months on your UnicornCare subscription. To be eligible, you must have subscribed to and paid for UnicornCare before activating and riding your Scooter.
UnicornCare costs $1/day when paid month-to-month. Or, pay in advance and save.
Depending on your preference and location, you will have a few options:
Working around your schedule, a UnicornCare specialist will come to you to service your Unicorn
We will send out a UnicornCare Package with all the necessary tools and instructions for the repair
We will ship the scooter back to our headquarters for any needed repair or care and attention
No matter what you choose, we will work to make sure you have a Unicorn you can ride in the meantime so that you can still get around! Once you have your scooter you will be able to request repairs through the app.
Unicorn is covered under the Segway/Ninebot Limited 1-Year Warranty. We'll cover any manufacturing defects for up to a year. Any wear and tear related or standard maintenance would be covered under UnicornCare.