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Meet Unicorn

Meet Unicorn.

Save 15 minutes every single day.

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$700 $549 through July 20th.

A high quality scooter
for less than $2 a day.

Unicorn is the fastest way to get within 1 mile and costs a fraction of scooter rentals. Unicorn is more convenient than dockless scooters and costs less.

Unicorn Scooter

powered by

  • Tile
  • Y Combinator
  • Segway
Magical Unlock

Magical Unlock.

Approach Unicorn with your phone and it instantly unlocks. Walk away, and your Unicorn will lock. Remote access gives you peace of mind, and control over whoever is riding.

Tile Integration

Tile Integration.

With Tile integration, you’ll always know exactly where your Unicorn is. But if it ever does go missing, Tile’s extensive network will come to the rescue.

frequently asked

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UnicornCare customers can between three options depending on their location and preference:
1.) A UnicornCare Specialist will come directly to you to service your Unicorn
2.) We will mail you a UnicornCare Package with all the necessary tools and instructions for the repair
3.) We will ship the scooter back to our headquarters for any needed repair, care, or attention
No matter what you chose we will work to make sure you we get you back on the road as quickly as possible!
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For all orders we are working hard to maintain an 6-8 week lead time from the time of order. This means that if you placed an order on June 20th we are aiming to deliver your order by August 20th. We are working to close this 8 week gap by the end of 2019 so that orders go out the next day. However when we are caught up we will no longer offer the introductory pricing of $549 for the scooter and $99 for one year of UnicornCare.
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Our friends over at Thousand make the absolute slickest looking bike helmet available. Our favorite color is Arctic Grey. These are the same helmets that we used in our video and photography.
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The range is up to 15 miles with light cruising, but for most riders it's closer to 10 miles. We recommend a Unicorn for people that have between a 2 and 20 block commute. The range on the scooter will be perfect.
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No, but we recommend you do! You will notice that the scooter is just a little zippier right after a full charge. For longer term storage, though, lithium based cells store best at around 40% charge.

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