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Save on transportation costs and increase working hours.

Starting at less than $2 per day.

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Upgrade your company with Unicorn

Fix commuting for your entire company with a private fleet of electric scooters. Start saving money and time.

Easy setup. Easy to use.

Set up and charge your Unicorns in the office or at home, and take them anywhere. Use them to commute or to go anywhere.
Employees use their work email address to unlock a Unicorn with their phone.

Private Scooters
Fleet Management

Zero maintenance. Easy fleet management.

Unicorn covers all repairs and maintence. One of your Unicorns is lost or stolen? We cover that too.
Use the fleet management software to request service or to manage access.

Save money. Save time.

Cut enourmous parking pass, ride share, and rental scooter costs. Stop wasting time in traffic. Stop the daily morning misery on your way to work.

Have a look at the numbers and see why so many companies are signing up for Unicorn.

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